Daily Archives: January 11, 2008

Colchester Invitational

The Colchester Invitational High School Ski Races are canceled.

Good Morning.  Its is  27 degrees this morning and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds.  We received freezing rain and rain yesterday- and the conditions are icy this morning.  We are machine grooming trails and this will make the conditions fast today.

And we are looking forward to the storm forecast for Sunday and Monday!!  Fresh snow on top of the hard base we will make for great skiing next week.

Friday Conditions Update

The skiing was great yesterday afternoon on Broadway, Picnic and World Cup.  We received a 1″ of powder overnight on top of the tilled granular base.  It’s quite windy up here now and 28 degrees.

The  Colchester Invitational High School Race is still on schedule for tomorrow.

The Birch Report

Clem and Herman, two of the Old Goats, took advantage of the warm weather this week to remove the old Birch Tree from the top of Gardners Lane. Jessica carried the Chainsaw to the Birch down across the trail and it was quick work to get it out of the way.


The Birch on Gardners Lane.


Clem and Herman getting ready to ski Picnic earlier this week.