BFA St. Albans Race

We are hosting the BFA St. Albans High School Race on Tuesday Jan 29– 5k Classic Race–

Course – World Cup, Broadway, Spruce Run, Broadway to Finish by the pond. JV will be the same- except no World Cup.

Schools Attending: BFA Fairfax, Champlain Valley, BHS, Essex, Montpelier, LR, CHS, SBHS, BFA St. Albans, Oxbow, U-32
Times: Boys A 3:45pm, Girls A to follow. Boys B and Girls B to Follow
The race will be on a running clock with 5 minutes or less between races the varsity races. There will be a 12-15 min gap before we start the JV race to clear most of the Varsity girls from World Cup .
Start: 4 racers every 30seconds

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