Wednesday Conditions

** The weather has been extreme today. And from late morning to 1:30pm we have received 3″ of very wet heavy snow. It has turned into a blizzard and there is still lots of snow coming down. We are not going to groom today– but we will have grooming for tomorrow morning. Come on up and get ready for the Craftbury Marathon.

8 am Post — Winter is taking a day off. It has been going back and forth between snow and rain this morning. Hopefully the cold front that is now over NY state will get here soon. There is still lots of snow up on the mtn– but last night there was freezing rain and this morning there is lots of ice. We are working on grooming a couple trails this morning– it’s going to be soft in some place and also icy today.

Thanks to all the racers, volunteers and parents for a great race yesterday– we enjoyed hosting the BFA St. Albans Classic 5km.

Race Results:
Boys team scores: BFA-Fairfax 25, Burlington 35, Champlain Valley 64, BFA-St. Albans 74, Essex 75, Colchester 89, South Burlington 90.
Boys top 10: 1. Kyle Bochanski, Fairfax, 22:00; 2. Sam Hughes, CVU, 22:11; 3. John Critchlow, CHS, 22:28; 4. Matt Thwaites, SBHS, 22:35; 5. Mark Mitchell, BHS, 22:55; 6. Ben Lustgarten, BHS, 23:07; 7. Zach Bochanski, Fairfax, 23:09; 8. Dustin Hayes, Fairfax, 23:14; 9. Andrew Phillips, Fairfax, 23:17; 10. Philip Burgin Young, CVU, 23:22.

Girls team scores: BFA-Fairfax 33, Champlain Valley 34, U-32 53, BFA-St. Albans 59, Burlington 97, Colchester 103, South Burlington 126, Essex 136.
Girls top 10: 1. Chelsea Evans, U-32, 24:21; 2. Rachel Stearns, CVU, 25:11; 3. Rachael Shepardson-Rudden, BFA-SA, 25:58; 4. Heather Holloway, Fairfax, 26:54; 5. Sylvana Lane, Essex, 27:25; 6. Danika Frisbie, CVU, 27:29; 7. Michelle Ambrisco, Fairfax, 28:00; 8. Camille Fancea, Fairfax, 28:10; 9. Dia Davis, BHS, 28:22; 10. Andrea Canzano, BFA-SA, 28:23.

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