Mt. Mansfield Ski Club and the Catamounts

Today was a busy day at the Bolton Nordic Center– The morning was a full program of games and activities with the UVM Ski Team. And the afternoon was a Bill Koch Youth Ski League Duathlon Race– 1.5km Classic, then 1.5km Freestyle.

Listening to Introductions
Listening to the UVM introductions.

Obstical Course
Mt. Mansfield Ski Club kids chasing a UVM Skier through the obstacle course.

Launching off the Jump
The favorite activity of the morning was the JUMP-Launching of the Big Jump

Racing the dual slalom
Racing the dual slalom!!

The gang.
The whole group gets together after a morning with lots of skiing games and activities. People across the entire resort could hear all the hooting, hollering and laughing from this great gang of ski friends.

And then it was time for the Race– just in time for heavy snow.

Ski lineup before the race
Skis all lined up before the race.

boys getting ready to race

The boys getting ready for their race.

boys at the finish line
J3 Boys at the finish line– talking about the race.

girls start
Girls on the start line- getting last minute instructions.

Girls transition
Girls going through the ski transition area and a great cheering section.

Thanks for a great day–BKSL Racers- good luck at the Festival!!

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