Friday Adventures

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On the Trail- by Liz

Friday morning stared out very cold– almost record temps in the valleys. Some places were reporting -17. But at Bolton it was not that cold (only -10) and the sun made it feel warmer. Paul and I decided to take Wilderness Lift and get into the backcountry off Peggy Dows. It was a cold ride– but the views were amazing. One thing that we don’t promote enough are the range of great views from the mtns around Bolton Valley. (click on the photos to get a full view)  This is a little bit about our adventure and the view.

ski tips

On the Wilderness Lift– lots of powder under the lift line!!

to the west from wilderness

A beautiful view from the top of Wilderness.


More views of Lake Champlain and Adirondack Mtns.

Camel’s Hump

And to the South check out Camel’s Hump— and the alpine trails.

Mt mansfield

Mt. Mansfield to the North– and Smuggs to the right.

putting on skins
We stopped again at the turn off to Heavenly Highway– to put on climbing skins- in preparation for the rolls on the way to Cottonbrook Trail.

snow in the woods
The powder in through the trees–there is so much snow.

paul at signs

We stopped here to take off our skins and take a photo of how low the signs area– in summer these signs are way over head.  From Heavenly Highway we got onto Paradise Pass.

Cottonbrook signs

We had been following a skied in track most of the way from Peggy Dow’s– it made it pretty quick going.  And the tracks continued down Cottonbrook– so we knew someone had beaten us there.

looking back at tracks
It was a fab ride down Cottonbrook– 10″ of great powder to start, a little slabby in the middle and great again near the bottom.  And hiking out we met up with two guys who had made the tracks just in front of us.  And the 4 of us put our skins back on and climbed back out– telling stories of powder all the way back out.

bolton mtn

So after 1 pass down Cottonbrook we decided to try somewhere else.  So we went back out Stowe View and stopped to check out the view of Bolton Mtn, Stowe and Waterbury from the Lookout.

tracks on birch loop

On the way back in we tried out some of the glades off Stowe View– they were amazing and there was more snow in there than in Cottonbrook.  At the bottom we found Birch Loop/Catamount Trail and skied on on Gardners Lane and A1A…. back to the Nordic Center.

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