Daily Archives: March 8, 2008

Catamount Trail BC Challenge Race–

It was challenging day for a race, but everyone had a great time.


Racers getting last minute instructions from Jim Fredericks of Catamount Trail Org.

and they are off

And the racers are off– skiing out the Teaching Track Trail at Trapps before getting on to the Catamount Trail South towards Bolton Valley.

talking about the downhill

Eric Tremble (1st place) and Justin Beckwith (2nd Place)– discuss the race just after coming across the finish line.

Today’s Results


1. Sarah Moore
2. Betsy Richert


1. Eric Tremble
2. Justin Beckwith
3. Chris Rodgers

Saturday Conditions

Fog this morning in the Mountains is starting to lift and the sun is shining through.  Temp’s in the mid 30’s.  Beginning to feel like Spring and there’s still a lot of snow on the trails out in these beautiful wooded mts.  We had some snow last night, followed by rising temp’s and a bit of rain.  Groomed trails are granular over the deep, packed base.  Picnic, World Cup and Broadway have been groomed and are ready to ski! (No tracks set.)

Today is the BackCountry Challenge Race from Trapps to Bolton Valley!  Racers will be coming over the Catamount Trail and are expected to finish right here at the Broadway trailhead between 12 and 2.  Looking forward to seeing all the racers and supporters around the finish and Nordic Center!

Forecast is for 2-4 in. tonight into tomorrow.