Tuesday Conditions

It’s a beautiful spring day– and perfect Sugaring Weather.  It was cold last night and today it’s supposed to warm up into the 30s.  We have had about 8″ of new snow over the past couple days– this mixed in with the granular snow from the weekend has made for some great skiing.  We have 15km set with classic tracks and the rest of our groomed trails have good skating.

In the backcountry there is a hard crust- with some powder on top… folks have been skiing and we have heard mixed reports.  The ICE on Saturday did bring down quite a few trees and branches- so be aware and prepared for some obstacles in the trail.

Bryant Cabin and Bolton Lodge  are still available for rent– March is a great time to spend a night in the woods.  It’s light until almost 7pm– and corn snow makes for some fun backcountry skiing.  Please give us a call to make a reservation.

canoe on car

Some people think it’s time to start canoeing— but we think SPring SKiing is Just getting good.  Leave your playboat at home and spend a couple more days on the trails!! the skiing is great.

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