Conditions March 17- March 21

Friday Report: It had to happen, fantastic conditions are back! We got over a foot of light powder last night and this morning. Bad news: as of 11 am we have not gotten any grooming done. Due to the ice last week there are a lot of branches hindering our grooming, and the back country. We will be grooming this afternoon or first thing in the morning. 17 degrees at 11 am.

Thursday Report: Happy first day of spring– and to celebrate it is another snowy day. It is 28 degrees at 9am/ 32 degrees at 2pm and today we have 1okm groomed. We did have some mixed precipitation and rain yesterday, but we also had about 4″ of new snow! It’s powder skiing to day, the snow is pretty sticky because it’s so warm– and we will groom again tomorrow. We have such a deep base of snow on the trails that the skiing is still great and we are 100% open!
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EVENTS: This Saturday is an Easter Egg Hunt for kids– at the Mitey Mite lift. Activities begin late morning- check back for more information. Celebrate the arrival of Spring at Bolton with the classic Spring skiing spectacle- pond skimming– April 5 (see the events page for more information!)
Wednesday Report: 8:30am….. Wednesday is determined to win the worst weather of the week award for winter 08. Wow. We still have a ton of snow– and there is 2-3″ of new snow this morning. It is 25 degrees and quite windy this morning. Check back later in the morning for grooming updates. 1pm update- we will not have new grooming today. there is 2-3″ of new snow on the surface that was groomed yesterday. And in the wood’s it’s peaceful and not too windy. It’s a great day to explore up to Bryant Cabin, Birch Loop and come down Gardner’s Lane.
Tuesday Report: A beautiful day today. We have 20 km groomed for skate. It’s good skiing today– powder mixed in with granular. The temp at 11am is 35 and it is forecast to warm up a couple more degrees through the day. Wax is violet/vr 55 now, but as it warms up it may change to red.
Monday Report: You are not going to believe this, but we got another 2-3″ of new snow last night. It’s a powder day. There might be even more on the high elevation backcountry trails. Coming down through some of the backcountry trails from Bryant Cabin back might be a little tricky– but the new snow and blue sky is worth it.It’s a beautiful sunny day–and 20 degrees… forecast to warm through the day. The sun definitely makes it feel warmer than 20–

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