Ski Swaps and Ski Movies

Fall is officially here and it’s time for Ski Sales and Ski Movies. Check out what you have in the closet, barn, basement to sell and make a list of equipment you need for the coming year. [We will update this list as we get more information about ski swaps]

South Burlington High School Ski Sale– Saturday, Sept 27th, 9am-4pm [consignment drop off Friday Sept 26th, 5-8pm]

Head for the Hills, Meathead Films, Friday September 26th- 7:30pm, Davis Center, UVM | more info This movie is making the rounds of Colleges in the East, so go online and check out other tour locations.

Colchester High School Ski and Board Sale– Saturday October 4th and 5th [consignment drop off Friday October 3rd, 5-8pm]

Turbo, Level 1 Productions, Thursday October 9th-7pm, CC Theater, UVM

Smuggs Ski Sale, Champlain Expo Sat Oct 14 9am-5pm and Sun Oct 15 10am-3pm [consignment drop off Friday October 13, 4-8pm] more info

Under the Influence, Teton Gravity Research, October 10th, Barre Opera House, Barre, VT | more info

Claim!, Matchstick Productions, October 17- 8pm, Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT | more info

Under the Influence, Teton Gravity Research, October 18th- 7pm, Flynn, Burlington, VT | more info

Cochrans Ski Sale, Saturday and Sunday November 8, 8am-4pm and 9, 10am-3pm, Camel’s Hump Middle School, Richmond, VT consignment drop off Friday November 7th 6-8:30pm | 802.434.5135 for more info | and they will take credit cards

Children of Winter- Never Grow Old, Warren Miller, Saturday November 22 6pm and 9pm, Sunday November 23 7pm, Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT | more info | you tube trailer

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