Deep snow pack and spring conditions.

Why wait for spring skiing?  We have tons of snow, sun and blue sky today. . . this is not a day to miss.

4pm update- well we were able to hold out until 3:43pm… and then the rain began.  But the temps were falling at the end of the afternoon and things look good for some new snow on Thursday night.

Our deep snow pack paired with spring conditions make for great skiing today.  Temperature at 8:30am is 40 degrees.  Today trail surface conditions are wet packed… it’s saturated powder with a little granular snow mixed in.  This combination make for some fun skiing.  Waxing for classic is either red or klister.  It’s also perfect conditions for waxless skis.

We have no rain yet and it looks like the forecast is for less damaging rain than previously forecast.  So we will keep our fingers crossed.

In the backcountry it is pretty heavy wet snow out there…. but it could actually be ok since it’s not frozen.

Our long range forecast is for warm temps through Thursday afternoon and potential for some rain.  Then Thursday evening temps dropping into the teens and maybe 1-2″ of new snow.  Our plan is to groom everything Friday morning.

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