Nordic Ski Patrol of the Week

We are starting a new weekly post to introduce you to our hard working Nordic Ski Patrol who are part of the Bolton Valley Patrol.  Our Nordic specific volunteer patrol work weekends and we depend on the main patrol on weekdays.  The patrol has a large variety of roles, patrolling events, trail clearing, helping lost/injured skiers.  Next time you see a patrol in the lodge or on the trail don’t forget to say hi.

Chris Ford

nsplogoFavorite Condiment? Honey Mustard — sweet and spicy
Favorite Pair of shoes? I’m a utilitarian with respect to shoes.
Where you go Monday Morning? To my job that pays the bills and allows me to ski on the weekend.
Do you have a pet? What? We have three dogs, my wife claims that the Siberian Husky is mine as he only listens to me.hardcore
Are you hardcore? I’m hardcore at/with things that I think are important.
Ideal spot to ski? Not too steep in the woods with powder. There are plenty of places at Bolton that fit this description. Some are on the map, some aren’t……
last book you read? I’m not a big reader of books.
Favorite Planet? I’d have to say Earth, although Mars and Venus are pretty cool when you can see them in the night sky.
How long have you been on the Bolton Ski Patrol? This is my third year.
What is your favorite part about being on the Ski Patrol? Helping other people.
How many years have you been skiing? Off and on for 30 years.
How many pairs of skis do you have? Favorite pair of skis? 5 – I’m really enjoying my Karhu Guides.

Are you interested in joining the Bolton Ski Patrol?  Give us a call or contact Keith Chase, Ski Patrol Director. 434-6890

More information online at the National Ski Patrol website.

And remember you can learn lots more about everyone that works at Bolton Nordic by visiting our Meet the Staff page.

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