Was it just a bad dream?

2PM Update: Snow just started and it’s starting to accumulate a little bit.  Temp is 27 degrees.  We are back in the snow business.  The plan is to groom in the morning tomorrow.  We will be 100% open and should have 20-25km of groomed skiing.  In the backcountry it will be French Bread Crusty until we get some more snow.

I woke up this morning wishing that the rain yesterday was just a bad dream, but it was for real.  The good news is that we were not hit too hard.  And after skiing this morning I don’t thing it rained as hard as was forecast.  I skied World Cup, Broadway and Pond Loop and skiing is good.  The work we did on Monday morning with the big Alpine groomer was instrumental in helping to maintain our trail surface conditions through this warming/rain event.  Snow loss was minimal and there is no ground snowing.  The top 1″-3″ of snow is soft, but under that things are nice and hard packed.   The trails are admittedly a little dirty from dirt, bark, branches and leaves melting out through the layers of snow.

We have about 15km of decent skiing now.  Wax is klister or waxless.  Temps mid morning are 38 degrees and some serious fog/clouds rolled in about 9am.

Looking ahead there is SNOW and COLD in the forecast.  So hopefully soon enough all this will be just a bad dream and we will return to winter.  Snow and cold tonight with grooming tomorrow early will be good.


Don’t forget tomorrow is FRIDAY THE 13!!!  We have two events going on tomorrow.

1. Ski and Ride with the Point

Get 1/2 price skiing, riding and Nordic skiing with your button.

Get 1/2 price skiing, riding and Nordic skiing with your button.

2. Colchester/CVU-  Hosting Freestyle Race

course 2X world cup, 5km, 4 skier wave start, start time 3:30pm boys first, 10 min gap, then girls.

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