What’s going on in the backcountry?

It’s Wednsday, we haven’t gotten snow in two days, what to do?  I didn’t have alot of time. so I went up Bryant to cliff hanger, (bob cat tracks) and then left at the top of the glades to Holden Hollow.

I like Holden Hollow because it has a bit of everything you might want.  Yes it was untracked, but with only six inches of powder on top of a breakable crust, I didn’t want anything too steep. There are some steeps on this trail but if you stick to the trail you’ll never hit them. The difficulty was that as you set your edge, the slightly breaking crust didn’t want to let go of your ski.

If I wanted easy I’d be on a chairlift. Judisous weighting and un-weighting of leading and trailing ski made for some nice turns in not so friendly conditions.



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