Nordic Ski Patrol of the Week

Martin Wolf

nsplogoFavorite Condiment? Ramses.
Favorite Pair of shoes? Do you mean what’s my favorite FOOT GEAR? My Garmont Veloce boots.  Warm, comfortable, and strong enough to drive my skis.
Where you go Monday Morning? To my other love, my work designingdsc_0134 environmental products at Seventh Generation.  And the view of Lake
Champlain and the Adirondacks from my office isn’t bad, either!
Do you have a pet? What?
I have PET and HDPE, too.
Are you hardcore? Caramel. actually.
Ideal spot to ski? On the snow.
Last book you read? Changes weekly.
Favorite Planet? This jewel we live on called Earth.
How long have you been on the Bolton Ski Patrol? About  2 years.
What is your favorite part about being on the Ski Patrol?
That sense of satisfied exhaustion after a day in the backcountry with good friends. Helping others is icing on the cake.
How many years have you been skiing? Five. Not nearly enough!
How many pairs of skis do you have? One pair for each year I’ve been
skiing.  I use three pairs (one on piste, two backcountry), but never at the
same time.
Favorite pair of skis? The ones on my feet.

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