Daily Archives: March 13, 2009

A perfect three day weekend starts NOW.

Sunday March 15: It’s another beautiful morning. At 9am it is 29 degrees and the forecast is for temps into the low 40s later. We have groomed 20km today for classic and skate. Trail surface is frozen granular and will transform as it warms up to spring conditions.

Backcountry report: skiers reported yesterday that the glades where no one had skied was really good. The strong sun and warm temps today should soften the snow by noon. It’s going to be a great spring skiing day in the backcountry.

Saturday March 14: 2pm update I was out grooming and things started to soften up around 11:30am, especially on the south facing trails. It is nice and soft out there now, but we have not seen the high temperatures expected today. It is about 32 degrees We had some adventurous backcountry skiers in late morning and we will report on their findings. – Liz

early am report: Today looks like a mirror image of yesterday, but a little warmer in the afternoon. It is going to be beautiful in the mountains. Clear sky, sun, great views and lost of snow pack. What does this mean for skiing? It means great things. The frozen granular surface should soften sooner and make for some really great skiing today. We are grooming 20km for classic and skate this morning.

If you are not keen on fast granular snow, but still want to escape to the mountain we recommend a snowshoe hike.

At 8am the temperature is 12 degrees and temps are forecast to rise into the mid 30s later in the day. Wax is klister today ot waxless… there is also fun crust skiing off the groomed trails.

img_2052Make a Day of It: Well it’s the start of sugar season. Sugar Houses around the state are boiling. Visit a sugar house after your ski today… sip some warm syrup, watch the fire, visit the horses and enjoy some sugar on snow. The official VT Maple Open House weekend is a couple weeks off, but if you drive by a sugar house on your way home stop in and see what’s going on.

Vermont Maple Association hosts the Vermont Maple Open House Weekend March 27-29.

Friday March 13: It’s a great day out there. Cool this morning… it’s about 12 degrees at 9am, but the sun is strong and warm.

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Snow surface is frozen granular. It’s nice fast snow. In the woods there is a pretty solid crust and some ice. Wax of the day is klister or waxless. We are grooming all our widest trails with an alpine groomer followed by a tracksetter. Picnic and Valley Loops, World Cup, Broadway, Spruce Run and the top part of Maple Loop. 15km skate and classic groomed.

10am update- There is some really hard snow out there. The groomed snow is pretty sugary on top of a frozen solid base and the track is setting really well in some places and really shallow in others.

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