Daily Archives: March 23, 2009

Event Report: UVM Outing Club Winter Classic


Snowshoe racers get last minute instructions and wait for their alpine teammate to finish.

Race day dawned clear, sunny and warm as 11 team of 3 racers gathered at the Bolton Nordic Center.  There were many great costumes, lots of neon and spandex on course. Everyone had a great time  and cheered loud as everyone crossed the finish line. The race started with a slalom, then  snowshoe and finally a nordic ski.

“Everyone had a really great time and the club’s leader community is already super psyched to put on Winter Classic ’10.” Kevin, UVM OC Organizer  | UVM Outing Club Website


place    Team name                                         total time
1    Team Building Exercise Not Tonight    1:11:07
2    Tres Amigos Muchos                                1:11:19
3    Da Waffles                                                   1:12:13
4    Out Wheelers                                             1:12:17
5    Kowabungas                                               1:17:07
6    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner           1:21:32
7    Callie Abbott                                              1:43:12
8    Better Luck Next Time                           1:52:08
9    Awesome                                                    1:54:18
10    Dynamic                                                   2:25:48
*    The Piggly Wigglies                                  0:56:10