Ski Patrol of the Week

Ann Gotham

img_5185nsplogo1Favorite Condiment: Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar
Favorite Pair of Shoes: My T-2s of course in the winter.  In the summer, Flip Flops.
Are you Hardcore? Nah, In fact my belly could stand a bit of firming
Ideal spot to ski? The woods at and around BV. Not so keen about the alpine trails.
Do you have a pet? What? Heck no.  The poor thing would suffer from extreme neglect!  But let me introduce you to my pet rocks!
Last book read? “Dreams of My Father” By Barack Obama.  Work related info. And I confess, I read Vanity Fair, where I get my gossip/junk fix.
Favorite Planet? Earth
How long have you been on the Bolton Ski Patrol? I think 6 years… Who’s counting?
What is your favorite part about being on the Ski Patrol? Skiing in the woods on Saturdays, with my ski patrol buddy, Hope. Giving directions with a friendly smile, keeping the trails free of debris. Skiing all those “not a trails” to get first hand knowledge of terrain (You never know… May come in handy some day)
How many years have you been skiing? Not enough.
How many pairs of skis do you have? 3 (Skinny skis, alpine skis, wax less back
country skis)
Favorite pair of skis? My Karhu Guides

For more info about Nordic Ski Patrol and Staff click here or go to our meet the staff page.

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