Signs of Winter and Trail Work

We have had a great fall at BV Nordic. It’s been perfect trail clearing weather.  The fall foliage was beautiful and now it is starting to get cold.  Winter is just around the corner.

clearing birch glades

Old Goats clearing birch glades off Gardner's

moss on rock

We always find some interesting natural feature while hiking and clearing trails. This boulder and moss looked so bright against the leaves.

clem's tele showoff

Clem Holden standing at the top of Clem's Tele Showoff.... which was named after him. Do you know where Clem's Tele Showoff is located?

leaves and snow cobrass

A mid October snow storm covered most of Bolton while there was still leaves on the trees. (Lake Champlain in the distance.)


While clearing trails in a couple inches of October snow we came across bear tracks.


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