Daily Archives: January 10, 2010

Jan is try Winter Sport Month

This is the end of the Vermont Ski Areas Learn to Ski week and yesterday was the 15th annual Winter Trails Day.  Winter Trails Day is a national program that promotes winter sports by encouraging folks that have never ever tried a winter sport to get involved.

To help promote Winter Trails Day and in honor of Governor Douglas making January try a winter sport month… WCAX visited Bolton Valley yesterday.

Click here to link to the WCAX article and video.

New Blog Update- Terrain Parks

Our friends at the Bolton Terrain Parks have a cool new blog… Allison is doing a great job posting photos of cool stuff (jumps and “features”) and updates about the Parks.  I’ve been learning a lot about the features and all the cool found object that they make – into jumps, etc.    Click here to check out the new blog.   -Liz