Weekend Updates: The return of the snow.

We have had some of everything this week. It was mostly bad weather followed by really good weather. Tuesday-Thursday brought us 8-12″ of new snow. It was really heavy snow on Tuesday night that packed well and filled in lots of holes on the groomed trails. Then Thursday we received one of the many squalls that rumbled across the Lake. On Thurs afternoon we received a quick 6″ in 1-2 hours. And Friday was cold. The cold temps and clear sky’s have sucked some of the moisture out of the snow.

Make a Day of It! Today’s recommendation is a stop at On The Rise Bakery in Richmond. I was in there last week and saw a new sign for Bagel breakfast sandwich. Get extra cheese or extra cream cheese… so you have the energy to ski a full day in the Bolton Backcountry.

The Late January edition of the Nordic Newsletter hit email in boxes Friday morning. Click her to read it online.

Today there was a article on NPR’s Only a Game about Bill Koch Youth Ski League. Click here to see the article and listen to story.

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