Bolton to Trapps/Trapps to Bolton

The view from the high point of the Catamount Trail for the entire state.

What a day!  As you can see by this collection of photos, the Bolton to Trapps section of the Catamount Trail is fully covered with snow, and both the skiing and the views are phenomenal!

Conditions should be perfect for this Sunday’s Catamount Trail Challenge, with excellent coverage even on the section between the Trapp Family Lodge and Nebraska Valley Rd.

Conditions are certainly variable, dependent heavily on sun exposure, but who can complain with all this snow?  This diehard skinny skier would probably recommend metal edges for the event this year, however, as the downhills will likely be quite hard/crusty in sections.

Best of luck to those who are able to participate in this year’s event, and to those that can’t make it, there is still plenty of skiing to be done up here at Bolton.

Come 0n a sunny day and enjoy the great spring skiing! –Dan Sandberg


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