Snow Plan

Everyday here at 2 o’clock the managers have their “snow plan”.  We don’t know what goes on there, but then again they don’t know what goes on here either, good plan so far. They sit around in that office and plan and scheme, we ski.

Zack skiing on a ribbon of snow March 29.

So here’s your snow plan.  Thursday it will be in the high 50’s and sunny up here, Friday the 60’s and sunny, Saturday,yeah Saturday too. Up at Bryant Cabin the snow is 4 feet deep, still firm no corn snow. Come Thursday it will start corning up and the skiing will be the best it’s been in weeks. So Thursday and or Friday morning get up a little late. Don’t make coffee, put on some sun glasses (it will be sunny).  Put the work phone number on speed dial. Now go in the kitchen and get some chili powder, take a good snort, (keep those sun glasses on) press the speed dial…..Yeah you know what to say, oh and you sound horrible.  You’ll feel and sound great in just a few minutes, go ahead take off the glasses and make some coffee, I’ll see you soon.  -Art


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