Good Question -Metal Edge Skis


I’m planning on buying a new set of skis.  In doing my research I came upon a comment at the REI site that some touring centers do not permit metal edged skis in their tracked trails.  Do you allow metal-edged skis under 70mm wide on your tracked trails?

Thanks,     Erin


Hi Erin,

That’s a great question.  We don’t have any specific restrictions to type of ski on our trails.  We do not have any rules against metal edge skis under 70mm on out tracked trails.  This type of ski is great for skiing at the Bolton Nordic Center because you can take advantage of lots of different trails- both groomed and backcountry touring.

The width of standard classic tracks is about 63mm.  This means to ski in the groomed classic tracks comfortably without compromising their integrity for other skiers you need to have skis that are no wider than 63mm.  Our groomed trails have both classic tracks set to one side and a wide (10’-12’) area for classic skiing outside the tracks, skate skiing or snowshoeing.    So depending on what type of ski you get and their width you could either ski in the set classic tracks or on the groomed area next to the tracks.

See you on the trails, Liz



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