Daily Archives: January 15, 2011

This week in SNOW.

Tuesday was a perfect blue sky for a great group of ski friends called The Women of UVM. Photo Credit: Sheri Larsen

According to Justin in the January 13 edition of the Bolton Valley Newsletter- “It’s unclear what was sacrificed to the snow clouds. At this point, I just hope it wasn’t anything alive. Whatever it was, we know that they were pleased, because here’s a rough idea of how this week has gone: 3″ of snow Sunday, 9-12″ of snow Monday, 2-3″ Tuesday, 7-9″ Wednesday, 5-6″ before dawn today, and another 3-4″ since. There’s no time to double-check my calculations, but I’m mostly certain that adds up to 29-36″ of sweet white gold. Let’s see if we can confirm this with visual evidence…[looks at picture below]…confirmed.”

A great ski adventure on Cliffhanger... hopefully these skiers had time to check out some new glades in Holden's Hollow and The Trail That Shall Not Be Named. photo credit Sheri Larson







Friday FUnDay- testing the product… I mean skiing.  We found that the skiing is going to be awesome this weekend.  It’s as good as it gets.

Testing the Product (Liz with radio- Nordic Director) and Making sure everyone is Safe (Ann far right- BV Ski Patrol) Thanks to Aileen and Darla for some fun skiing!

Animal Tracks... we scoped out some tracks on Bryant. This new snow is great for checking out tracks. The debate is still out on what animal made these tracks.

Earn your turns= small carbon footprint (if you are into that sort of thing)... makes each turn so much more valuable.

A1A... taking a break on one of the Nordic glades.