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Pete’s Backcountry Report

Pete’s Backcountry Report – Matt and I headed up Bryant to the Cabin yesterday.  The water bars down low were definitely tricky to get around.  Once up higher it looked like mid-winter conditions.  While the water bars were still open they were much easier to navigate across.  As we got closer to Bryant Cabin we noticed that the trees were coated with some ice.  On our way up we took a look at JJ’s, while it looked really nice we were unsure of what we would find underneath, but thought that we would give it a shot. 

Matt at Bryant

We stopped at the Cabin to be sure that it was ready to be rented, then headed onto Gardiner’s Lane.  A warning to those heading that way that there is a large birch tree across the trail just below JJ’s, which you can get around by going to the right. 

Turns on JJs

We made our first turns down JJ’s and to our surprise that ice layer that we noticed earlier, in the trees produced a crust layer that we were not breaking through.  There was 6-8” on top of this crust.  While we felt a little rusty, the skiing was great.  Once back on Bryant we were able to cruise down, jumping over most of the water bars.  Not bad for a first day in the backcountry.

We are open this weekend.

Broadway is the trail of the week.  It is groomed from the Nordic Center down to Bolton Lodge– so that makes it 3km  groomed for skating or classic skiing without tracks.  We started working on the side trails [World Cup, Picnic], but they still need to freeze before they are good.   The Backcountry trails are covered with snow, but the water-bars a still very wet.

We are open this weekend December 1 and 2


$10 Trail Pass — early season price

Season’s Passes are still on sale.  Buy them online [link here], then have your photo taken and pick them up in Guest Services at the Alpine Base Lodge img_3052.jpg

A group of skiers fit in an early ski before work.

More Snow Overnight.

Bolton got hit with another 8″ of snow last night and it looks like there will be flurries through the day.  It’s amazing the difference a year makes.  We are still not officially open– so please check back for updates, photos and grooming reports.


Early morning at Bolton.


Our big groomer is still waiting for it’s first ride…

More Snow.

We have received more new snow in the last 48 hours and we are working on packing Broadway this morning.  And the pictures don’t show it well, but there is a beautiful blue sky today.  It definitely looks like winter up here this weekend!

Broadway Entrance

Looking down Broadway.

World Cup Entrance

World Cup still needs about 6″ and a couple more cold nights.

November Rain.

There is still lots of snow on the trails at Bolton, but it did rain today.    We are not grooming– taking some time for Thanksgiving.  We officially open December 7th or once there is enough snow.

Below: some ski tracks across the parking lot–


Sunday SKI.

It’s another nice day at Bolton Nordic–we have packed Broadway and it’s a nice hard base.  The weather is forecast to warm up this week.  Hopefully the nights will be cold and the snow will stay around for a  couple more days.

Below: Broadway and snow-covered trees. It’s a beautiful thing in November.

Looking up Broadway

Below: Getting the machine ready to go.

.Getting the machine ready.

A beautiful day.

The mountains of Vermont received the first good dump of the 07/08 season at the end of last week.  And today is a bluebird day —


Broadway is mostly packed by skiers.  There are a couple wet places- but it’s pretty good early season skiing.

The first ski.


It snowed most of the day today at Bolton– big wet flakes that soaked into the ground quickly.  But later in the day there was some accumulation.

Snow on my car.

Friday Morning Update


World Cup/Bryant Trail

Ice on the pond!

Our Map

Bolton Nordic Map

Thanks Angus — Great work on the trail map. There is snow at Bolton this week- check out the map and start planning your first adventure.