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Vote for the Catamount Trail until August 31

Our friends at Catamount Trail Organization are working hard this summer to help conserve more trail and your vote is important!

CTA In Race to Win $50,000 to Protect the Catamount Trail

Cast Your Vote Each Day!

The Catamount Trail Association has been selected as a finalist in the Third
Annual Redwood Creek Greater Outdoors Project.  CTA will be competing with 9 other organizations from across the country to win a $50,000 grant to
support its work to protect the Catamount Trail.  And as a finalist, CTA is
guaranteed a $10,000 runner-up grant when the online voting ends on August
31, 2010.

As of spring 2010, more than 80 miles of the Trail have been permanently
conserved on private lands with easements held by CTA or a conservation
partner. An additional 135 miles are conserved on public lands.  The CTA is
committed to conserving the remaining 85 miles of the Catamount Trail
corridor in perpetuity, ensuring this special recreation resource exists for
skiers for generations to come.  The specific goal of CTA¹s Redwood Creek
Greater Outdoors Project is to relocate and conserve 12 additional miles of
the Catamount Trail in Northern Vermont.

To help CTA protect the Catamount Trail, log on to the Redwood Creek website at to cast your vote.   You can vote for CTA once every day between April 1 and August 31.