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Friday Feb 29

My watch says Friday March 1– but it’s a little confused. It’s really Feb 29th. It is a cold day at Bolton– -10 at 8am. But there is a strong late winter sun and no clouds.  But it is going to warm up into the high teens/ low 20s later this afternoon. Should be a great day for skiing. Wax is green…. and maybe extra blue later in the day. We have 10km classic tracked and20km skate groomed.

Also the backcountry skiing should be super. The cold temps have helped to preserve the powder. Yesterday a couple skiers got a shuttle to Bolton from Trapps and skied back on the Catamount Trail. So the trail has been skied in and reports are that conditions up there are good.

Tomorrow is the Frigid Infliction– an adventure race hosted by GMARA– the race starts at 5am and should not impact skiing on Saturday. But if you do see racers– cheer them on. I’m sure they could use as much support as possible.

Thursday Feb 28

It’s a WOW day!!! Super sunny and cold. The wax of the day is green and as it warms this afternoon blue. It’s about 7 degrees at 10am– but the sun makes it feel warmer. There is not a cloud in the sky and the forecast is for blue sky and a temp rising to about 15 degrees this afternoon. We have 20km groomed for skate– and tomorrow we will set classic tracks.

There has been some traffic in the backcountry– so the up trails are skied in. This new 12″ has brought back the great powder skiing that Bolton Backcountry is known for.


our new Snow Measure– and old Head Standard Skis

The measure says 10″ from this most recent storm-

Our Favorite Groomer - Hard at Work

Our Favorite Groomer – Hard at Work

Wednesday Feb 27

Early Evening Update:  It snowed all day at Bolton- we got another 4″-6″…. to make a storm total of 12″.  There is a lot of powder!!   And it’s going to be great weekend of skiing.

9am– Another Wednesday and another snow storm. The official snow total from Bolton Ski Patrol is 8″ in the last 24 hours. We are working on grooming now– Greg is using one of the 16″ alpine groomers to pack this new snow well. We will have 25km rolled today and tomorrow work on setting classic tracks. And at 8am it is 20 degrees.

In the backcountry–the skiing is back to good.

Tuesday Feb 26

Steve Newlin, office manager for Bolton Mountain Operations says “today is a perfect day to go skiing in the light falling snow”.  It has been snowing lightly since about 6:30am– and the forecast is for snow to pick up later this afternoon.

We have good skiing on our groomed trails- 30km groomed for classic and skate– Including Bobcat, Telemark and Lynx.   Try skiing Up Telemark, down Bobcat to Teardrop and take a hard right turn on Lynx.  It’s a wild ride.

Our backcountry trails will benefit hugely from this storm– and it should be an epic weekend to get out and hit the powder.  We’ll keep updating as we see it.

Eye on the Sky says 10″-16″ inches my the time this storm is finished.  Get ready for snow!!  click here for the full Eye on the Sky Forecast


Snow through Wednesday will likely bring moderate to heavy snowfall throughout the listening area. Hazardous driving, heavy snow loads on roofs, and shoveling snow for those with medical concerns are significant concerns.”

NOAA- click here for Winter Storm Warning

Sunday Feb 24

It is 20 degrees at 8am… and the forecast is for rising temps through the day to a high of 30.  Harold is out grooming and we have 30km groomed for classic and skate.  There is still powder snow— with a little bit of granular mixed in.   Wax is Violet–it’s a perfect day for a long classic ski.

harold in the groomer

In the backcountry– it’s a hard crust with powder on top…. with warming temps this afternoon the snow could soften.  It’s definately a little tricky with frozen ruts under powder left from last monday’s thaw.

Sunday Morning Clinics– 10-11am  and they are FREE…. please call to register.

Scroll down to see photos of my Saturday Ski….

Saturday Ski

On the trails– by Liz

I went on one of the best skis of the year this afternoon with my friend Eric Tremble.  All these photos are from Saturday.

We went out today with the intention of skiing Telemark and Bobcat– two trails that finally have enough snow to groom.  It was a blast and I felt a little bit like we were in the Bill Koch/Rossignol Movie- the Ski Experience.

art and eric
Art and Eric– discussing the best equipment to use for the Catamount Trail BC Challenge Race.

telemark sign
We started up Telemark– it was groomed this morning– it’s always fun to ski something new.

striding up telemark

The kick wax worked great and we had an easy time striding all the way up Telemark.  Skiing down Bobcat was super fun– it’s still a little bumpy, but this challenged us to concentrate on balance.

view of alpine hill
Great view of the alpine trails from Bolton Lodge- from Bolton Lodge we headed up Beaver Pond and Deer Run.  The snow on the groomed trails was quite good– and fast with several inches of new snow tilled into the transformed crust.

maple loop
We cruised back up the hill in the great classic tracks on Maple Loop.

tremble through the trees

Tremble skiing up Maple Loop

spruce run

We bombed down Spruce Run- slid all the turns and checked out views of Camel’s Hump and the BV alpine trails along the way.

snow pack

Snowbanks on Maple Loop– we couldn’t pass up this photo opportunity.  The snow pack is still so deep and we are forecast to get more snow this week.

snow on the dock
On the way back in we skied Pond Loop and noticed the deep snow on the dock.  There is nothing like skiing in late February and March–


At the end of the ski I ran into Clem Holden, who has been skiing at Bolton for more than 50 years– he says the conditions are perfect– get out and ski.

Saturday- Feb 23

The snow is back. Since yesterday afternoon we have received 4″ of fresh powder and it’s snowing again this morning. The fresh snow tilled in with the crust from earlier in the week– makes the skiing really good on the groomed trails. At 9am it is 20 degrees and the wax of the day is extra blue. We have groomed 30km for classic and skate this morning. Everything is groomed– including beaver pond, deer run, bobcat and telemark!!

The forecast is to hold steady temps through the day and becoming sunny this afternoon. Sunday temps are 24-28 and sunny. Two perfect ski days!!

In the backcountry there is 4″ of powder on a hard crust, that may be a breakable crust in some places. And there are some folks doing the Bolton to Trapps ski today–

11am Backcountry Update:  BV Ski Patrollers just reported that there is 5″ of new snow on Paradise Pass and there is a crust- and it’s only breakable for larger people.  And the skiing is actually pretty good.

a night at Bryant
A group heading to the Bryant Cabin– we got new snow just in time for their adventure.

Thurs Feb 21

Conditions today are good on our groomed trails. We have 20km groomed for classic and skate — the snow has transformed, so it’s pretty fast out there. This has made for some fun and fast skate conditions. There is a beautiful blue sky today and it’s 10 degrees at 8:30am. Temps are forecast to warm to 20 degrees through the day. Wax of the day is blue klister.

There is a chance for a dusting to 2″ tonight— and hopefully even more snow is on the way!!

Don’t forget to check out info about the Catamount Trail BC Challenge- Trapps to Bolton- March 8th. more info

Wednesday Conditions

It’s 15 degrees at 8:30am and temps are expected to hold steady through the day.
There is still lots of snow in the mountains !!! The best skiing today is on the groomed trails— we are going to groom and till 20km — Broadway, World Cup, Spruce Run, Maple Loop, Picnic and Valley with a big Alpine Groomer. This means that the crust will be chewed up and these trails will be groomed for skate.

The snow has transformed, so it’s pretty fast– it’s a great day for skate skiing, and classic skiing with klister or waxless.

In the backcountry things are pretty crusty–we recommend taking a day off from BC skiing. But with some new snow it’s going to be great skiing again. read more…


Tuesday Conditions

It did get colder last night and this morning the temps at 8am are 25 degrees.  It’s a beautiful sunny day–

We did not receive new snow predicted for last night.   And as a result it’s pretty crusty on the trails.  Once we get some trails groomed later this morning conditions will be great- but for now it’s a little scratchy.  Some season pass holders were up skating this morning and reported that there is still lots of snow, but the crust makes it really challenging to ski and balance.

Later this morning our plan is to till and groom 20km.

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