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An old alpine trail map.

An early trail map from Bolton.

An early trail map from Bolton.

A visit from the Ski Maven.

Yesterday the Ski Maven visited us. And it sounds like she had an awesomeskimaven-for-site-banner-slice backcountry ski… and had some nice tele turns in the birch glades. The photos she took area amazing and it’s great to see how much snow is in the woods.

Click here to read her story and see photos.

Good Question.

We have fielded calls from curious skiers all week because it’s so hard to tell from the valley towns what snow conditions are- here are a couple of your questions with our

When is your last day? Sunday, April 5 is our last day.   So come and get it while you can!!

What trails are open? Yes!15 groomed and 70km backcountry.

Will you be grooming this weekend? Absolutely. We will have about 15km km skate and classic groomed.  It is spring conditions and this makes setting classic tracks sometimes challenging.

Are there waterbars on Bryant Trail? It has been warm here this week, but the snow pack is so deep and it’s been getting cold enough at night to refreeze everything.  If you come a cross an open water area in backcountry there is plenty of snow in the woods to go bryant-trailaround.

I want to ski Bolton to Trapps Trail- Is that possible? Yes- there is still a huge base of snow in the backcountry. We expect that you should be able to ski most of the way.   The one place that is getting a little bare is the part of trail as you descend into Nebraska Notch Rd.

When does the $110 Nordic pass deal expire? This deal expires after next Sunday April 5th.  So now is the time to invest in next year’s ski pass at the best price of the year.

Its March 24th and the Skiing is still GREAT!

Spring is official and the skiing remains with winter like conditions. We are nearly 100% open and the snow cover is really good. No trails were groomed today, but we groomed in the later afternoon yesterday.  Grooming of Broadway, Maple, Spruce, Deer Run, Beaver Pond, World Cup, Picnic, and Valley was done. Both classic and skate are recommended and the weather is going to be warming up into the mid 40’s for the rest of the week. So put on your t-shirts and get ready for some fun spring skiing.

Check out our Conditions page for lots more info.


Paul Stone took this photo on the backcountry trails Sunday, March 22. So much snow!!!

A view of Maple Loop and the trails on the Alpine Mtn in the background.

A view of Maple Loop from Saturday, March 21 and the trails on the Alpine Mtn in the background.

Ski Patrol of the Week

Ann Gotham

img_5185nsplogo1Favorite Condiment: Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar
Favorite Pair of Shoes: My T-2s of course in the winter.  In the summer, Flip Flops.
Are you Hardcore? Nah, In fact my belly could stand a bit of firming
Ideal spot to ski? The woods at and around BV. Not so keen about the alpine trails.
Do you have a pet? What? Heck no.  The poor thing would suffer from extreme neglect!  But let me introduce you to my pet rocks!
Last book read? “Dreams of My Father” By Barack Obama.  Work related info. And I confess, I read Vanity Fair, where I get my gossip/junk fix.
Favorite Planet? Earth
How long have you been on the Bolton Ski Patrol? I think 6 years… Who’s counting?
What is your favorite part about being on the Ski Patrol? Skiing in the woods on Saturdays, with my ski patrol buddy, Hope. Giving directions with a friendly smile, keeping the trails free of debris. Skiing all those “not a trails” to get first hand knowledge of terrain (You never know… May come in handy some day)
How many years have you been skiing? Not enough.
How many pairs of skis do you have? 3 (Skinny skis, alpine skis, wax less back
country skis)
Favorite pair of skis? My Karhu Guides

For more info about Nordic Ski Patrol and Staff click here or go to our meet the staff page.

Event Report: UVM Outing Club Winter Classic


Snowshoe racers get last minute instructions and wait for their alpine teammate to finish.

Race day dawned clear, sunny and warm as 11 team of 3 racers gathered at the Bolton Nordic Center.  There were many great costumes, lots of neon and spandex on course. Everyone had a great time  and cheered loud as everyone crossed the finish line. The race started with a slalom, then  snowshoe and finally a nordic ski.

“Everyone had a really great time and the club’s leader community is already super psyched to put on Winter Classic ’10.” Kevin, UVM OC Organizer  | UVM Outing Club Website


place    Team name                                         total time
1    Team Building Exercise Not Tonight    1:11:07
2    Tres Amigos Muchos                                1:11:19
3    Da Waffles                                                   1:12:13
4    Out Wheelers                                             1:12:17
5    Kowabungas                                               1:17:07
6    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner           1:21:32
7    Callie Abbott                                              1:43:12
8    Better Luck Next Time                           1:52:08
9    Awesome                                                    1:54:18
10    Dynamic                                                   2:25:48
*    The Piggly Wigglies                                  0:56:10





Three more days of great spring skiing coming right up

Sunday: 12pm update. I just got in from skiing and it’s awesome out

there.  The new snow is about 6″ and counting.  We had a great turnout for waffles this morning and there were lots of happy skiers.

Catlin and Johanna, UVM Ski Team, enjoying a surprise March snow storm on March 22.

Catlin and Johanna, UVM Ski Team, enjoying a surprise March snow storm on March 22.

March 22 and Lots of new powder!!!

March 22 and Lots of new powder!!!

Waffles- Yum.

Waffles- Yum.

early am: NEW SNOW and WAFFLES!! It was a nice surprise as I drove up the access road this morning to see new snow.  The forecast was for a dusting, but we ended up with more than a dusting.  There is 3″ new powder out there now and it is still snowing pretty steady.  Today we are grooming and classic tracking 20km.  With this new snow tracks should set well.

At 8am it is 22 degrees

Saturday: It’s going to be a great day of skiing.  It was cold overnight and things setup well.  This morning Larry is grooming and setting tracks.  We will have Picnic, Valley, World Cup, Maple, Spruce and Broadway groomed.  Other trails will be great skiing once they soften a little.

Trail surface is frozen granular now and will change to soft spring snow once things warm up.

SALE in the Nordic Center [now until the end of the season]

40% off Hats, Socks and Gloves – 30% off All Wax and Tools.

Friday: 10am update  This morning we have groomed Broadway, Picnic, Valley, World Cup, Spruce Run and Maple (top 1/2).  On

Beautiful spring skiiing.

Beautiful spring skiiing.

the groomed trails it is hard and very fast snow.  We will try to set tracks later in the afternoon.  Temp is 24 degrees.

Good Morning and HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!  Today is the official first day of spring.   I know it’s hard to believe that there is still snow on the trails, but it’s true. I was snowshoeing yesterday on Cliffhanger and stepped off the packed trail and sunk into 36″ of snow.

It has been warm most of this week and cold at night. The snow has transformed and is very fast, frozen in the mornings and soft in the afternoons. Last night it was about 10 degrees, so things are very firm now. We recommend waiting to ski until after things soften about 10am.

We have been moving snow around with one of the grooming machines from the alpine mtn to cover some of the bare spots… and this has worked really well and things look great.

The forecast for today is for sun and temps in the high 20s… but the sun is strong and should soften everything pretty well. And it’s more of the same through the weekend. We are in the process of grooming 18km for skate and classic. The wax today is klister.

Saturday we hosting the UVM Outing club Winter Classic… click here for more info, then scroll down.

Waffle Breakfast for Nordic Pass Holders

Back in January we started talking about something fun to do for Nordic Season Pass Holders and Todd’s idea was a Waffle Breakfast.   So we are going to do two waffle days.   Sunday March 22 and March 28 from 9-11am we are making waffles for nordic season pass holders.   We will also have Real and Local Maple Syrup from Valley View Farm in Georgia Vermont.  We hope to see you Sunday.  – the Bolton Nordic Staff and Nordic Ski Patrol

A perfect three day weekend starts NOW.

Sunday March 15: It’s another beautiful morning. At 9am it is 29 degrees and the forecast is for temps into the low 40s later. We have groomed 20km today for classic and skate. Trail surface is frozen granular and will transform as it warms up to spring conditions.

Backcountry report: skiers reported yesterday that the glades where no one had skied was really good. The strong sun and warm temps today should soften the snow by noon. It’s going to be a great spring skiing day in the backcountry.

Saturday March 14: 2pm update I was out grooming and things started to soften up around 11:30am, especially on the south facing trails. It is nice and soft out there now, but we have not seen the high temperatures expected today. It is about 32 degrees We had some adventurous backcountry skiers in late morning and we will report on their findings. – Liz

early am report: Today looks like a mirror image of yesterday, but a little warmer in the afternoon. It is going to be beautiful in the mountains. Clear sky, sun, great views and lost of snow pack. What does this mean for skiing? It means great things. The frozen granular surface should soften sooner and make for some really great skiing today. We are grooming 20km for classic and skate this morning.

If you are not keen on fast granular snow, but still want to escape to the mountain we recommend a snowshoe hike.

At 8am the temperature is 12 degrees and temps are forecast to rise into the mid 30s later in the day. Wax is klister today ot waxless… there is also fun crust skiing off the groomed trails.

img_2052Make a Day of It: Well it’s the start of sugar season. Sugar Houses around the state are boiling. Visit a sugar house after your ski today… sip some warm syrup, watch the fire, visit the horses and enjoy some sugar on snow. The official VT Maple Open House weekend is a couple weeks off, but if you drive by a sugar house on your way home stop in and see what’s going on.

Vermont Maple Association hosts the Vermont Maple Open House Weekend March 27-29.

Friday March 13: It’s a great day out there. Cool this morning… it’s about 12 degrees at 9am, but the sun is strong and warm.

Get 1/2 price skiing, riding and Nordic skiing with your button.

Snow surface is frozen granular. It’s nice fast snow. In the woods there is a pretty solid crust and some ice. Wax of the day is klister or waxless. We are grooming all our widest trails with an alpine groomer followed by a tracksetter. Picnic and Valley Loops, World Cup, Broadway, Spruce Run and the top part of Maple Loop. 15km skate and classic groomed.

10am update- There is some really hard snow out there. The groomed snow is pretty sugary on top of a frozen solid base and the track is setting really well in some places and really shallow in others.

Today is Ski and Ride with the Point. Get 1/2 off your ticket at Bolton today. more info

Nordic Ski Patrol of the Week

Martin Wolf

nsplogoFavorite Condiment? Ramses.
Favorite Pair of shoes? Do you mean what’s my favorite FOOT GEAR? My Garmont Veloce boots.  Warm, comfortable, and strong enough to drive my skis.
Where you go Monday Morning? To my other love, my work designingdsc_0134 environmental products at Seventh Generation.  And the view of Lake
Champlain and the Adirondacks from my office isn’t bad, either!
Do you have a pet? What?
I have PET and HDPE, too.
Are you hardcore? Caramel. actually.
Ideal spot to ski? On the snow.
Last book you read? Changes weekly.
Favorite Planet? This jewel we live on called Earth.
How long have you been on the Bolton Ski Patrol? About  2 years.
What is your favorite part about being on the Ski Patrol?
That sense of satisfied exhaustion after a day in the backcountry with good friends. Helping others is icing on the cake.
How many years have you been skiing? Five. Not nearly enough!
How many pairs of skis do you have? One pair for each year I’ve been
skiing.  I use three pairs (one on piste, two backcountry), but never at the
same time.
Favorite pair of skis? The ones on my feet.