Frequently Asked Qs

Trail General

Is my dog allowed on the trails?
There is a no dog policy on the trails. We often recommend Little River State Park (left on Rte 2 at the bottom of the Access Road) or the Intervale for canine-friendly adventures.

Can you walk/hike on the trails?
Trails may only be used for skiing and snowshoeing.

What time do the trails close?
Trails are open every day of the season from 8am-4pm.

There is no snow at my house in Burlington, but is there snow on the trails at Bolton?
Generally, even if Burlington has no snow Bolton has snow and is open.  It is usually about 10 degrees colder up here and often we receive 4”-6” of new snow overnight.

How many trails are there?
60 trails and about 100 km

How much terrain is groomed and tracked?
Usually about 17 km. This amount varies widely based on weather, day of the week and snow conditions.

Can I get a refund if the weather is bad?
As bad weather is often pretty self-evident up here, we appreciate if you consider your adventure carefully before heading out on inclement days.  If the weather really sneaks up on us, we can probably work something out.

When does the season usually end?
The first weekend in April is generally our closing day.

Are there any events or festivals happening at the Nordic Center?
Throughout the season we host many events and festivals. Please check out blog and website for up to date information.

Trail Tickets

Do I need a trail ticket to snowshoe?
Yes- We require anyone using our trails to purchase a day ticket or season’s pass at the Nordic Center.

Is there a half-day ticket?
Half-day tickets are $13.00 and are available at 1pm.

Are their kids’ tickets?
Kids tickets are $13.00, $12 after 1pm.

Is there a student discount?
Yes- student tickets are only $13.00.  Please show a school ID.

Do you still have the one ride ticket for the lift?
Yes we do.  Please note that if you are going to use that one ride to access Nordic trails, you will also need a Nordic ticket.

If I am alpine skiing and end up on the Nordic trails do I need to pay?
Nordic Trail use requires you have a Nordic ticket or pass.

If I am going up the Wilderness Lift and into Heavenly Highway do I need a Nordic Ticket?
Yes- you need to have both a one-ride ticket and a Nordic Ticket.

If I am going to ride the Vista Quad and go to the Woodard trail do I need a Nordic Ticket?
No. You just need a one-ride ticket.  The Woodard trail is off the Bolton Valley property.

Are there group packages?
There are group rates. Contact Cindy Bailey in sales 434-6816.

Is there a multi-punch card which can get me a discount on multiple trail tickets?
Yes, we sell 5- and 10-punch cards, both of which are transferrable and will save you money on your trail tickets.


Are there snowshoe rentals?
Yes there are snowshoe rentals for kids and adults.

Can I trade my x-country rental for snowshoe?
Yes during the rental period you may switch from skiing to snowshoeing, or vice versa.

Are their pulk sleds to rent for kids?
Yes there are pulks available for rent.

Is a trail ticket included with my rentals?
Trail tickets are purchased separately from the rentals.

Is there a discount on multi-day rentals?
No, rentals are charged by the day.

Sports and Nordic Center

Can we use the sports center if we buy a trail pass?
You can use the sports Center for $10.00 (adults), $5.00 (under 17), free (under age 6). Or buy a monthly membership for $20.00 (individual) there are family rates as well.

Can we use the sports center if we have a seasons pass?
Yes! New for the 2010-11 season, Nordic and All-Access pass holders do also get sports center memberships.

Do hotel guests get a discount?
Hotel guests have complimentary use of the sports center. Purchase of trail ticket is necessary to use the trail network.

Do you host birthday parties?
Yes call the sports center to book your birthday party.

Are there snacks and food available for purchase?
Klister Café in the Nordic/sports center offers pizza, snacks and beverages.

Are there tennis courts at the sports center?
With any luck one of the tennis courts may be available in the future.  Please voice your interest so that we can have an idea of how many folks would like to take advantage of the courts.

Is there a place to leave my shoes inside?
You are welcome to leave your belonging in the Nordic Center cubbies.

Do you have a wax room?
We do have a wax bench for public use in the Center.

Do you sell wax and other Nordic supplies?
Yes we have the latest and greatest in Nordic retail and Bolton Valley products.

Season Passes

As a seasons pass holder do my friends get a discount?
Friends of season’s pass holders do get a discount at the Sports Center, though not on the Nordic Trails. Seasons pass holders do receive 20% off rentals, retail, lessons, and lodging. Also pass holders receive 10% off at Bailey’s Restaurant.

Once I purchase a Bolton Nordic Season’s Pass do I still need to go into the Nordic Center before skiing?
Yes, please check in before going out to ski.  Sign in at the front desk of the Nordic Center to let us know where you are skiing.  It only takes a minute.  This allows us to track how many people are skiing each day and update you on trail conditions.

I have an Alpine season pass is it good for Nordic?
At the start of the 2010-11 season the answer is Yes.  The new All Access pass does include Nordic trail access.

I have a Triple Major Pass, is it good for Nordic?
Yes, since all Bolton season passes now include Nordic, so does the Triple Major.


Are there options for kids/adults who have never skied?
Yes, our group lessons are aimed at absolute beginners, and rentals are available.  Group lessons are typically also aimed at adults, so please call ahead if you are hoping to include a child 10 or under.

Is a trail ticket included with my lesson?
A ticket is not included in the quoted lesson price.  If you’re taking a group lesson, the Beginner Package may be an option to cut back on rental and trail ticket costs.


Are there volunteer opportunities?
Yes- contact the Nordic center staff for more information.

Are there any family Nordic events?
Yes- check out the Bolton Nordic blog and calendar of events.


Are there backcountry tours/guides?
Yes- call ahead to schedule a tour, and/or check the blog for group events.

Do you patrol the backcountry trails?
There are ski patrollers who roam the area. It is wise to let a staff member know where you are going and to sign in and out for safety.

How long does it take to ski to Trapps?
Count on at least 6 hours. It is a good idea to leave a car at the other side or arrange a shuttle. Leaving early in the AM is recommended as is skiing in a group of at least 3 for safety.

Is a trail ticket included with my Bryant Camp Rental?
A trail ticket is not included in the cabin rental price.  Every person staying in the cabin needs to have a pass, or a ticket for each day on the trails.

How many people does Bryant Cabin sleep?
6-8 people